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Ajay Devgan: 'I don't fear competition'

Ajay Devgan


Mumbai, Aug. 12 -- After delivering a hit with director Rohit Shetty's Singham in 2011, Ajay Devgn is now looking forward to returning to the big screen with the action film's sequel (to release on August 15). Here, the actor opens up about Singham Returns, working with rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh, his children's interest in Bollywood films, and his wife Kajol's comeback movie.

There are a lot of expectations from your upcoming release. Does that create pressure?

It was due to public demand that we made the second part. Honestly, we were in no hurry. When Singham 2 was being made down south, we thought of making it here, but the script didn't work for us. So Rohit worked on it for over a year and perfected the idea. This time, the movie is bigger. It has more drama and humour. We've kept it real, but we've also kept the masala intact. The response has been excellent so far. There was some fear initially, but now that I've seen the film, I'm confident about it.

A Yo Yo Honey Singh track seems essential for a big-budget film these days. Now, you've shot with him for the promotional song, 'Aata majhi satakli'.

The song was a last-minute addition. Singham Returns doesn't have too many songs. So we thought of making a mad promotional video that captures the essence of the movie. The track doesn't entirely fall into the song zone; we've used some dialogue, like 'Aata majhi satakli', and made it fun. It seems to have worked well.

Shah Rukh is launching the trailer of his next on the eve of your film's release. Do you fear any competition?

We all do this, and we support each other. If you're attaching the trailer of your film to a big movie, it means that there is enough buzz around it. I don't fear competition because there isn't any. Maybe I would have done the same.

Will we see you and Kajol on the big screen anytime soon?

We're not doing anything together as of now. She's doing a film with many theatre actors, and with drama involved in it.

Do your children watch Bollywood films?

My daughter, Nysa, is into movies, music and gymnastics. My son, Yug, is still very young, so he just plays, watches cartoons and keeps singing 'Aata majhi satakli'.