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Aishwarya comes to Richa's rescue..


Mumbai, March 27 -- Recently, Richa Chadha and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan were surrounded by a mob during the shoot of their upcoming film. As the two actors continued to shoot despite the distraction, a larger crowd started to huddle around the area.

A source tells us that before the situation got any worse, the shooting was paused and the two actors were asked to head to their respective vanity vans. "Aishwarya's van was closer to the location than Richa's. She offered Richa a ride to her van, so that they both could avoid the crowd," says the source, adding, "It's great to see both the actors bond."

Apparently, such an incident has happened before as well, and both the times, Aishwarya helped Richa out.

When contacted, Richa says, "I don't have much experience with the mobs. On two occasions, my van was parked a little ahead of the sets. At that time, Aishwarya got me to sit in her car, while the crowd was being taken care of. She is nurturing, supportive and kind. She is grounded, in spite of her stature and experience. She has come to my rescue every time things have got out of hand."