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Yeh Daawat Badi Filmy Hai!

Aditya Roy Kapur


New Delhi, Sept. 20 -- Bollywood stars Parineeti Chopra, Aditya Roy Kapur, along with Habib Faisal, the director of upcoming film, Daawat-EIshq, chatted with us during a recent visit to the HT House as part of the HT City Stars in the City. Excerpts from a conversation with Sonal Kalra, National Editor - Entertainment & Lifestyle, Hindustan Times.

We don't quite remember the last film where food was the focus of the script. You have also gone for a unique food trail. How many cities have you covered so far?

Parineeti: We went to Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Delhi, Sonipat, Ambala and Chandigarh. We have covered 2200 kms. It was a unique 'food yatra' for us. We were like 'breakfast kidhar khaana hai, lunch kahan khaana hai, dinner kahan khaana hai'. And that's why we are wearing loose clothes today!

Aditya, how much are you drinking in this film, or are you only eating?

Aditya: I've done enough drinking on screen! So, I am only eating in this film. It has been shot in Lucknow and Hyderabad where the food was great and we were required to eat in the scenes too. Some days, we had a 7 o'clock shift, so we were eating biryani for breakfast!

Habib, is it true that you were not allowed to go to your own college (Kirori Mal College) to promote the film?

Habib: Yes, I was very upset. I've a lot of good memories of the canteen food, and had put quite a bit of that in the script of Band Baaja Baraat that I wrote. In fact, the 'bread pakode ki kasam' dialogue was inspired from the bread pakodas that I used to have in college. Also, just behind the college, as you walk towards Delhi School of Economics, there used to be this place called Palm Beach, which is a small dhaba with one palm tree. They used to make the best bun omelettes and bread pakodas.