Aditya Roy Kapur
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Aditya Roy Kapur to the rescue!


Mumbai, June 23 -- People in his gym often ask him for fitness tips, and actor Aditya Roy Kapur obliges them all. Recently, the young actor helped a girl at his gym shed extra kilos with some tips.

A source reveals, "Aditya turned personal trainer for the girl. It is not easy to lose weight and stay healthy. A person needs to be patient and consistent in his or her efforts to achieve the target weight." People lose heart and give up when they don't get immediate results. So when the actor saw the girl struggle and give up in his gym, he spoke to her and encouraged her to keep going. "For Aditya, keeping fit is not about looks. It is about feeling fit and healthy from within," says the source.

Aditya also suggested diet changes. Now that she has lost weight, fitness is part of her daily life. The source says, "She's thankful to Aditya for motivating her at the right time."