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Aditya Roy Kapur: For the love of the game!

Aditya Roy Kapur


Mumbai, June 22 -- Actor Aditya Roy Kapur is enjoying the biggest sporting event of the year - the FIFA World Cup - with as big a party.

The football buff has been following as many matches as possible live along with his friends each night, and has also made it his routine to play the game himself.    

"Aditya has converted his bachelor pad in Bandra into a World Cup screening joint. Initially, during the opening ceremony and a few early matches, he invited his friends over to his house to watch the game together, and now, it has become a norm. Aditya now hosts screenings of the matches at his residence. He has also been stocking up on food and beverages for the invitees," says a source close to the actor.    

He's known to follow the game closely in the past as well, even visiting Madrid to catch the Spanish Football League. And apart from making arrangements for the screenings, the actor has also started playing the sport every Sunday with his friends, in and around the city.    

When contacted, Aditya confirms the news, "I am having a great time with friends coming over every night. It is football frenzy in the truest sense at my house. My diet and workout regimen have gone for a toss with the late night sessions. But, I am trying hard to stick to my routine."