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Aditya protects his bike from rain!


New Delhi, July 3 -- While many people are enjoying the monsoon showers, actor Aditya Roy Kapoor seems a bit worried. The 30-year-old is very fond of his bike and is making sure that it is protected from the rain.

"Aditya takes special care of his bike and makes sure that it's at its best at all times. He has a regular check on the vehicle, which he purchased last year. To avoid any kind of breakdown during monsoons he is extra cautious," says Aditya's spokesperson.

In fact, he has been personally looking into the matter. "Aditya is himself oiling the bike and is making sure that servicing of the vehicle is done on time before the rains arrive in full force. Usually vehicles tend to get rusty during monsoon. In order to avoid this, Aditya has been regular with the anti-rust solution that he has applied on the bike," says a source, close to the actor.

Aditya also got the chance to include scenes of him riding his bike in his upcoming film as well which stars actor Shraddha Kapoor. "Aditya has been shooting for his upcoming film and has some scenes where he had to ride a bike. He was very keen that he only uses his bike for the shoot and these scenes have been included in the film," says a source, close to the actor.

Aditya's last release was Fitoor, a remake of the classic novel Great Expectations. The movie starred Katrina Kaif, Tabu and Rekha as well.