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Adi gets ready for Delhi!

Aditya Roy Kapur


New Delhi, Feb. 15 -- Actor Aditya Roy Kapur, who will visit Delhi next week with actor Katrina Kaif to shoot for his upcoming film, is looking forward to explore the Capital.

However, the 29-year-old, who will be shooting in Delhi for the first time, feels that going around the city would be tough due to his star status. So, the Aashiqui 2 actor plans to disguise himself. "Once you become a recognisable face, you don't have the freedom to explore (places) the way you used to. Let's see, maybe I'll find a disguise," says the actor.

He may not have shot a film in Delhi before, but Aditya is no stranger to the city. He has many memories of the city from his days as a VJ. "I have been coming here since my VJ-ing days . The first few times I went, I saw different parts of the city," he says.

Although Aditya is a big fan of Delhi food, he will try and stay away from it this time, as he is on a strict diet for his role in the film. "My friends in Mumbai, who are from Delhi have suggested three to four must-go places in the city. They talk like your life depends on eating there. It's true, in my expertise, Delhi has always lived up to my food expectations and even exceeded them at times. Unfortunately, I'm on a diet for this shoot, so I'm not taking any suggestions," he says.

However, Aditya is looking forward to the pleasant weather. "We don't get solid winter in Bombay and I love winter. Well, if you could cancel the 5 am shower then it would be just perfect," he says.