Aditi Rao Hydari
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Aditi Rao swears by her grandma's traditional beauty secrets!


Aditi Rao Hydari has always been spoken about for her peaches and cream complexion. The actor has a flawless skin and while erratic schedules and long hours of make-up can harm your skin, a source close to Aditi says that she swears by her grandmother’s traditional beauty secrets.
A source reveals, “Aditi always relies on her mother and grandmother for home remedies, especially when it comes to her skin. Despite being approached to endorse various beauty brands, Aditi uses only raw milk to wash her face. In fact, she uses it at least three to four times to wash her face. Her grandmother has also passed on a tip to include ghee in her diet to her, which she says helps her keep her skin glowing. She never skips her daily dose of ghee and recommends it to anyone who asks her about her spotless skin.”
Talking about it, she says, “Mom would have a lady come in every week and apply an ubtan with gram flour, milk, oil and turmeric on my skin. I owe my healthy skin to that regime as a child. I don’t do that often, but the skin regime and nutrition you follow as a kid is something that stands by you — at least that’s what I’ve seen! “
Apart from following her mother’s beauty routine, the actress also drinks a lot of coconut water throughout the day to retain the suppleness of her skin and keep herself hydrated.