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Adhyayan Suman joins the tattoo brigade!

Adhyayan Suman


New Delhi, Sept. 24 -- Actor Adhyayan Suman, who got himself inked recently, was spotted flaunting his sun tattoo on the sets of a film that he's shooting.

"The massive tattoo sits happily on his left arm, and stretches from his shoulders to the back. The film's director, Anil Ballani, liked his tattoo so much that he decided to capture it on camera for the film.

Adhyayan also agreed and insisted that the costume designer must design clothes in a manner that the tattoo is visible," says a source from the sets.

Ask him why he chose the sun and Adhayan says, "Sun is the symbol of power and strength. It has also been symbolic in the age- old battle between light and dark, and is recognised with rebirth, hence I went forth with it."

The actor, apparently, has always had a fondness for tattoos and wanted one as a teenager, but his mom disapproved. "Back then, I was just a teenager. Now I'm mature enough to understand things, so she's cool with it," he says.