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Adhyan changes the spelling of his name!

Adhyayan Suman


New Delhi, Oct. 8 -- Actor Adhyan Suman is probably the latest to change the name of his spelling. The actor, who used to spell his name with a double 'ya' (Adhyayan), is now spelling it as Adhyan Suman. The Heartless actor says he changed it for his mother, whom he loves dearly, since her astrologer gave this suggestion.

Adhyan says, "My parents showed it to an astrologer whom we believe in, and yes, I have owed this to astrological reasons as well as for the happiness of my mother."

The 26-year-old actor will soon get all the official documents with the new name, we are told. "I am in the process of now changing it in all the legal documents as well, and soon I would have this spelling everywhere," he says.

Adyan's last film Heartless, which was co-produced by his father, actor Shekhar Suman, tanked at the box office. "It did break my heart, since it was really close to all of us and we dedicated it to my late brother," he says.