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Abhishek keeps his commitment..

Abhishek Bachchan


Mumbai, Feb. 19 -- The first Indian to feature in the annual NBA All-Star Weekend - which was held in New York, USA, from February 13-15 this year - Abhishek Bachchan is set to return to Mumbai in a few days. He had been looking forward to the event, but the trip was marred by an injury.

"He was very excited and had been working out so he could be in good shape for the celebrity match that he played in. But he hurt his back and leg at the gym. Thinking it was a regular injury, he ignored it. He even went on the sets of his film, All Is Well, where he was constantly moving around. This was just a day before he left," says a source close to the actor, adding, "Before leaving, Abhishek took a painkiller, not realising that his injury was a more serious one. But when the pain persisted for a few days, he consulted some doctor friends in New York, who gave him a heavier dose of medicines. That is how he is dealing with the injury while he is there."