Abhijeet Sawant
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Singers are not valued: Abhijeet Sawant


New Delhi, Aug. 4 -- Recently singer Arijit Singh's public apology to actor Salman Khan and his request to accept his song for the film Sultan has raised the question on the importance of singers in the industry. And, singer Abhijeet Sawant feels that musicians are not valued much now.

"In the old days, there were no softwares or advanced technology. Singers used to practice for months and then record in the studio. Now things have changed and just about anyone can walk into a recording studio and sing. The value of singers has reduced," says Sawant, who won the reality show Indian Idol in 2004.

The 34-year-old singer, who has sung for films such as Aashiq Banaya Aapne, (2005) and Dishoom (2016) says that playback singing was on his mind from the beginning of his career. "Every singer wants to become a playback singer since there are a lot of growth opportunities," he says. When you ask him why there is less focus on independent music nowadays, Sawant says, "There is no right platform for independent music. Now things are easy for artists because of YouTube but beyond that there is no support."