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Preeti didn't know Abhay was a star

Abhay Deol

New Delhi, Jan. 23 -- Bollywood actor Preeti Desai has been dating actor Abhay Deol for about four years now. The two are going quite steady. Interestingly, Preeti didn't know Abhay was a film actor.    

On a TV show, Abhay has admitted that Preeti was unaware of his 'movie actor' status, when they first met Since the starlet is UK born and bred, Preeti only knew the names of the Bollywood biggies.    

"She knew superstars and not lesser actors like me (sic)," said Abhay.    However, all that changed when Preeti met Abhay for the first time at the success party of his movie, Dev D (2009). It was then that Preeti got to know of Abhay, as she watched the movie before heading to the party. Preeti made her Bollywood debut in Shor in the City (2011).    

Abhay, also confessed on the show that he didn't even look at the hoardings of his debut film, Socha Na Tha (2005). And that's because the actor "hated the hairstyle" in the movie.