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Interview with the One by Two couple

Abhay Deol

Actor-couple Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai recently visited the HT House in Delhi to meet and greet the ­winners of HT City’s Stars in the City contest. In a fun chat ­session— moderated by HT City Editor, Sonal Kalra — the two spoke about their upcoming film One by Two, danced with fans, and even gave tips on ­relationships. Here are excerpts from the session.

Q. Abhay, we were almost expecting to see you with a fake bruised eye (sported by him at a recent event to show  support for musicians’ rights for royalty).
Hmm… My team has been telling me that. But I guess, I’ve made my point. I want everyone from the industry to wear a bruised eye now. At least, those who stand up for what I said.

Q. Has the matter been resolved to your satisfaction?
It has been resolved to the extent that I have One by Two’s music rights back so we can exploit our music the way we want. But is this a final resolution? No. Because this is a fight music labels and musicians that was happening even before my movie.  And you saw through my movie, how a producer can get caught between the cross fire and suffer. Until the music companies, musicians and lyricists sit across the table and sort out the issue, it will continue to crop up time and again.

Q. Preeti, your last film, Shor In The City, released in 2011. What took you so long to decide on the next movie?
After Shor…, I wanted to take things seriously in Bollywood. I didn’t want to jump into something without knowing about it. I needed time to soak in India - the ­culture, industry and its people.

Q. Is it true that when Preeti met Abhay for the first time, she didn’t know who he was?
(Preeti): Yes. I didn’t know the Indian film industry at all as I was brought up in England. I was invited to Dev D’s success party. So, I went to watch the film first and saw that Abhay was its lead actor.