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FYI, I am not broke: Abhay Deol

Abhay Deol


Actor-producer Abhay Deol is miffed with reports that claim he is under huge financial crisis because his recent film, One by Two, failed to do good ­business at the box office.

"It’s a complete lie," says the 38-year-old, adding, "I would like to challenge the ­publication that reported this false news. If they believe I’m broke and under debt, please prove it!"

Last month, a Mumbai ­publication had reported that Deol had mortgaged his Juhu flat to tackle his financial woes as his maiden ­production, One By Two, had bombed at the box office.

The film had earned only about Rs. 2.63 crore.

Reports also suggested that  Deol’s house might get ­auctioned if he fails to repay the loan. "There’s no truth to this. My finances are pretty much under ­control, and I’ve  not gone bankrupt. Giving property papers as surety is a very common norm with those who take loan… it’s not unique to me. Just because my film didn’t do well, people put two and two together and ­sensationalised stuff," says an angry Deol, claiming that the publication later ­apologised for coming out with the report.

"They (the publication) called and  apologised, but where’s the apology in print? My image has been spoiled," he says.

Despite ups and downs, the actor doesn’t regret making the film. "There’s something to learn from every experience. I’m more prepared and wiser now. I won’t stop producing films just because my first film didn’t work."