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Aanand L. Rai: Today, I am with people whom I want to be with..


Mumbai, Sept. 25 -- It has been a decade since he started his film-making journey with Strangers. Although his career path has had it's share of ups and downs, as film-maker Aanand L Rai completes 10 years as a "story-teller", the 46-year-old admits he is in a "content, happy space." 
He says, "Honestly, I don't want options [to be content or not]. I am happy with what I am today. I don't want to change anything that has happened to me right from the beginning. I have loved and enjoyed every part of my journey." 
Adding that his "tough days" were "brilliant teachers", Rai feels his "little but positive achievements" gave him a "foothold." 
"Today, I am with people whom I want to be with, and I am telling stories that I want to tell. I am with my family and friends. I want nothing more in life," says the Tanu Weds Manu series film-maker. 
Although he is counted among the most talented filmmakers in the industry right now, Rai says he doesn't "aspire to become a great filmmaker." 
"I feel God has been kind and has bestowed me with a lot of passion when I am doing something. As time progressed, I have learnt to get attached to the emotion behind a story and be with it till you take it out of your system. And it's got nothing to do with making a big box-office hit," he says. 
The Raanjhanaa (2013) director feels he has discovered that his biggest asset is "holding on to a story." "A story can take you anywhere. I have learnt and obeyed that religiously till now. It may not promise you success, but will surely promise you a good journey," he says. 
At the same time, Rai admits that when his story becomes a reality, he feels sad. The same goes for his next, starring Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif. "You do feel a bit sad (smiles). When I direct a few specific scenes, I feel that I don't want to get over with them. I feel very emotional when I am finishing those scenes. Maybe because I know it won't come back into my life and films because I won't repeat myself. The feeling of something I like getting over makes me feel sad because I won't be able to live that moment again," he says.