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Strenuous prep for Aamir Khan!

Aamir Khan


Mumbai, April 13 -- Aamir Khan, who plays a wrestler in his next, has been working very hard to acquire the perfect physique for the role.

As a result of his strenuous exercises, he has been limping for a few days now.

"In order to get the look for his character, Aamir needs to work more on his lower body, so he has been doing some heavy leg exercises. The resulting pain has left him with a limp," says a source close to Aamir.

The actor, who has gained around 20 kg for the role, is not only trying to get the physicality of a wrestler, but also his strength. "We have seen Aamir sport six-pack abs and a muscular upper body, but in this case, he is concentrating on his lower body as the role demands it," adds the source.

When contacted, the actor's spokesperson confirmed the development and added, "Aamir works out four days a week, giving time in between for his muscles to relax.