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The secrets and Twitter reviews of PK!

Aamir Khan

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Rajkumar Hirani’s PK has been gaining a lot of publicity lately. With the special screenings happening all over, we have a lot of celebrities supporting and praising the film!  Now, the much awaited film has finally released today, and here’s some inside scoop as well as some celeb tweet reviews (yes, these are the latest type of reviews) about the film.  

Ranbir Kapoor comes as a surprise in the film. He plays an important cameo in PK. When approached, he immediately said yes (obviously, who in their right frame of mind would refuse a Rajkumar Hirani film or an Aamir Khan starrer!) This news was kept very silent, and only the core team knew this and was lip-sealed. And like that, you will see RK in PK.

Aamir plays an alien in the film! Yes yes, it’s absolutely true. In fact, the movie opens with a giant spaceship. We all were curious with Aamir’s strange expressions and character in the film, as well as his naked appearance in what looks like a no-man’s land. Now we know what that’s all about! Who knew our chocolate boy could even pull off the look of an alien so naturally?

“Overwhelmed by the film that is PK, what a movie!” tweets Sonam Kapoor, as she showers non-stop praises about the film and actors. “Thank you so much #rajuhirani for it! Everyone has to watch this film!!!” “No one but @aamir_khan could have done pk!! You made my cry and laugh out loud innumerable times. Anything that I say is less..” “@AnushkaSharma you are so effervescent and earnest and so unbelievably cute as Jagoo!” While we also have Karan Johar who has lovely things to say: “PK is hilarious and emotional in equal measure…it’s a game changing film….Kudos to the team!!! @AnushkaSharma you were superb!!!”

Wow! To be praised in a film where there is Aamir Khan, it is definitely a huge thing! Way to go, Anushka!