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Pic: The story behind Aamir Khan's birthday t-shirt!

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

Aamir Khan just turned 51 years old today! And we have this awesome picture of him cutting a seriously delicious cake (God, look at all that strawberry and chocolate!!!)…

The first thing you will notice is the tremendous transformation from the fat, groggy white-haired man for Dangal to this handsome, fit, young-looking moustache-man! Oh boy!!! How that that happen? Well… Here’s Aamir Khan spilling the secret of his weight loss:

“I was burning 4500 calories a day in USA through biking, trekking, swimming and a lot of other activities. I ate less and worked out more. The maths was that I ate 1500 calories and burned about 4500. The deficit was more so weight was decreasing fast, but it was unhealthy as the deficit should not be more then 25 percent.”

Also, if you carefully, you’ll notice that Aamir is wearing a pretty cute t-shirt! And yes, it does have a story behind it. Apparently, the drawing on the t-shirt was a gift from his youngest 4-year-old son, Azad. And so, Kiran got it printed into a t-shirt! How cute, no?

Kiran shared some sweet information on Aamir’s relationship with his kids:

“As a father, it’s hard for him to split our daily parenting duties with me because he travels so much. But when he is in town, he really makes up for it, and spends a lot of time with Azad. He loves putting Azad to bed, and reading to him. He is very close to Junaid and Ira (Aamir’s kids from his earlier marriage with Reena Dutta), and very proud of how independent they are. He’s very protective of his family in general, and no matter how busy he is, he always manages to be there whenever anyone needs him.”

That we are sure of! Anyway, happy birthday to you, Aamir Khan!