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Not just one-hit wonders?

Aamir Khan


Mumbai, Nov. 26 -- These pairs produced memorable films when they first worked together. But will they be second-time lucky?

Hrithik Roshan-Ashutosh Gowariker

LATEST COLLABORATION: Mohenjo Daro CREATIVE WORD: "It's rare to come across a vision that challenges every aspect of the norm. But I am truly excited about working with Ashutosh again. I think the right words would be, 'We're back.'" said Hrithik in a press statement. SUCCESSFUL PARTNERSHIPS: Jodhaa Akbar (2008) TRADE SPEAK: "You can't 'expect anything' from Ashutosh because what he is going to come up with will be a surprise. And since he and Hrithik have proved themselves in a historical set-up earlier, it will be worth the wait," says trade analyst Amod Mehra.

Aamir Khan-Rajkumar Hirani

LATEST COLLABORATION: PK CREATIVE WORD: "Raju is one of my favourite directors, so I was excited about working with him again. Also, the character (in their next) was very intriguing. It is the most challenging role I have played in my career," Aamir said at a recent event. SUCCESSFUL PARTNERSHIPS: 3 Idiots TRADE SPEAK: "When Aamir and Raju Hirani work together, you know that theirs won't be a run-of-themill film. Trade wise too, the expectations are high," says trade expert Amod Mehra.

Akshay Kumar-Neeraj Pandey

LATEST COLLABORATION: Baby CREATIVE WORD: "His films are unique and push my limits as an artiste. All I have to do is follow his vision and portray the character he lays out for me. Shooting for this man is one of the greatest pleasures," says Akshay. SUCCESSFUL PARTNERSHIPS: Special 26 (2013) TRADE SPEAK: "Akshay fits the bill perfectly for Neeraj's characters. Moreover, Akshay is very disciplined, extremely hassle-free and co-operative. If you ask him to report to work at 6 am, he will be there. It makes it much easier for the director," says trade expert Vinod Mirani.

Ranbir Kapoor-Imtiaz Ali

LATEST COLLABORATION: Tamasha CREATIVE WORD: "Imtiaz gave me a film that's very close to my heart. It was a character that really changed my perception of acting," says Ranbir. SUCCESSFUL PARTNERSHIPS: Rockstar (2011) TRADE SPEAK: "Ranbir is a very good actor, and when given a good story and director to work with, like he got in Rockstar, he can do wonders," says Mirani.