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Not flaunting it: Aamir Khan regrets bulking up!

Aamir Khan


Aamir Khan is a little superstitious when it comes to cricket. We're told that he has a favourite blue T-shirt that he likes to wear whenever he needs luck to be in his favour, especially during a critical cricket match that India is playing.

The actor is an ardent follower of the sport and is taking a great interest in the ongoing World Cup. But sadly, this time, while watching the matches, he can't don his lucky T-shirt as it doesn't fit him anymore. This is because Aamir has bulked up for his upcoming film.

A source close to the actor says, "Aamir believes that his blue T-shirt has brought him luck many a times. According to him, for the past few years, whenever he has worn this T-shirt while watching a match, the result has been favourable for Team India. However, when he tried wearing it this time, it did not fit him at all as he has gained weight."

The actor, who turned 50 recently, is at his heaviest at present; weighing 90 kg. In the film, he plays a wrestler and has worked extremely hard to physically mould himself into the character.

"Although he is a bit disappointed, his energy will be no less when it comes to cheering for Team India. He is super excited for World Cup matches and feels the team is in a great form. Interestingly, he keeps the T-shirt with him now while watching the match, just for luck," adds the source.