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Aamir Khan


Mumbai, Aug. 4 -- It is not for nothing that Aamir Khan has been labelled a marketing genius. With each release, the actor has gone to lengths to ensure that his films get the right amount of publicity. For his next with director Rajkumar Hirani, up for release in December, Aamir has taken to social media for early promotions.

In keeping with his character who speaks Bhojpuri in the film, the actor has now started tweeting in the regional language. One of his tweets, which urges his fans to see the motion poster of the film, reads, "Ei Youtubewa ka link bhery good hai. Eima humra boley wala poster dekho! (sic)"

Another one says, "Tanik ei dekha! (sic)" In the past, too, Aamir has pulled off quite a few novel marketing tricks. While promoting Dhoom:3 (2013) last year, Aamir sported his onscreen look in real life too. For many weeks, he wore a bowler hat to all events, and even teamed it with a sherwani at a Diwali party. During the promotion of 3 Idiots (2009), Aamir did a 'disappearing act' from Mumbai (a la his character Rancho), and travelled to remote places to meet people. At the time of Ghajini (2008), Aamir gave 'Ghajini haircuts' to the ushers of a city multiplex before the movie hit the screens.