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Junaid: Don't smoke Dad!

Aamir Khan

Mumbai, Jan. 10 -- A while ago, we reported that Aamir Khan had taken to smoking due to anxiety about his last release, Dhoom:3. And although it's been a while since the film released, Aamir hasn't quit the habit.

The latest we've been informed is that the actor's eldest son Junaid has been urging him to kick the butt. A source close to the actor reveals, "Prior to the release of Dhoom:3, Aamir admitted to the fact that whenever he has a release lined up, he gets worked up and resorts to smoking. And once the movie releases, he gives up the habit eventually.

This time, however, Junaid has been requesting his dad to give up the unhealthy habit." Junaid, who is the assistant director on Aamir's upcoming film, P.K., apparently wants his dad to stay fit since the project is a very demanding one, Junaid has been worried about Aamir's health. However, this time around he reasoned with his father as a professional as well.

"He told him that he needs to keep a check on his diet too, to avoid any long-term harmful effects," the source adds. Usually, Aamir takes a break after every release, but soon after Dhoom:3 hit theatres, he had to resume the shooting of P.K.. Apparently, he has promised Junaid that he will give up smoking soon. "Aamir has already cut down and will quit smoking soon," adds the insider.