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IIT student urges Aamir to take up a new cause!


Mumbai, May 30 -- In March this year, four final-year students of IIT Delhi were killed in a road accident while they were on a trip to Rajasthan to celebrate their jobs. Two others were injured after the vehicle they were travelling in overturned near Jaisalmer.     

Now, we have come to know that a friend of the students who lost their lives has launched an online petition to urge Aamir Khan to discuss the importance of road accidents on his TV show, Satyamev Jayate. Dikshant Sharma is actively trying to garner support from people for this initiative. And his plea has been acknowledged by the makers of the show.    

Satyajeet Bhatkal, the director of the show says, "We have taken it (the petition) very seriously. It's fantastic that students are taking this initiative and it's a very important issue that concerns every one of us."    

However, he says it's too early for him to confirm when the episode on road safety will be aired. "We will be starting the shoot soon. It might come out by the end of the year," says Bhatkal.

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