Aamir Khan
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Happy birthday Aamir Khan!

Aamir Khan

Here's wishing Aamir Khan a very happy birthday!
Aamir Khan is known to be an incredible actor, producer, director, and the perfectionist! On his birthday, let's see what the cards predict for him this year in different areas of life.

He will rule the industry

This year is simply fantastic for Khan in terms of his career. He will achieve a lot more money, name, and fame. In a way he will rule the film and television industry. He will rise to a position of authority and assume a leadership role. He should listen to the advice of others but always have the final say. He should not be afraid of conflict. The cards foresee status, success, and recognition. He will be recognised as a strong figure in the industry and will have unquestioned achievement and authority. There is a high chance that he might set up an empire. The cards also foresee an auspicious time to build a new house.

May be trouble in marriage

His personal life may not be as good as his professional life. The cards see conflicts and clashes. He needs to reassess his relationships and friendships. Is it that he is paying too much attention to his love to the exclusion of everything else? However, the cards also predict problems in relationship or marriage. Start fresh. It is time to forgive and forget past issues. Aamir need not have any fear as the fallout in relationship might be temporary.

Precarious health foreseen

This year Aamir's health needs extra care. Something quite unexpected might hit Aamir, which might even be life threatening. It's important that he takes care of himself and keeps his stress level manageable. If he is experiencing some health issues, he needs to immediately consult a doctor. The cards also warn him to drive carefully and not undertake any risky endeavors.

Good months: April, November

Lucky number: 2, 4, 13

Lucky colour: Forest green, white, and electric blue

(Maanya Sharma is a tarot reader and numerologist. She has written numerous articles and books on tarot. She writes spiritual columns for newspapers and also appears on various television shows.)