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Dhoom:3: Aamir gets a special request from friends, family

Aamir Khan

A song from Aamir Khan’s upcoming film has been creating buzz for some time now. And to maintain that curiosity, a few weeks ago, the makers took the decision to release only 30-second promos of all the film’s tracks on the Internet and on TV (with the exception of the film’s title track Dhoom machale).

However, Aamir found himself in a tough spot recently when he received several requests from his close friends and family, all of whom wanted to watch the entire music video before the film released. “They are all keen on watching Aamir because he has performed some dangerous stunts in the video, which they are all excited about. And the team of Dhoom:3 intends on cashing in on exactly this feeling. They want to create anticipation and want the audience to watch the film for the full video,” says a source close to the actor.

Although the actor has not discussed the request with the makers yet, a source says that he is giving it serious thought. “But he knows that the request does not go with the makers’ strategic decision and Aamir would never do anything to negatively affect the film’s promotional tactics,” adds the source.

The song in mention, titled Malang made headlines initially for its whopping budget of over Rs. 5 crore. Soon after, the makers went on to boast about the track’s choreography as Aamir had to perform acrobatics at a height of over 80 feet.