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Criminals sit in the Parliament: Aamir Khan


Bollywood actor Aamir Khan recently expressed his sadness over the trend of political parties giving tickets to candidates with criminal background considering their winnability, but expressed hope that people at large would stop voting for criminals.

“Political parties give tickets to people with criminal background because they want one seat in the Lok Sabha. The same people later sit in Parliament and decide laws of our country,” said the 49-year-old, who was last seen on the big screen in last year’s blockbuster Dhoom: 3.

“Political parties give tickets to criminals because we vote for them,” said Khan.

“As a normal Indian citizen, I’m sad about this. I hope the political parties will rise above all this,” the actor said, adding that parties are catching the right signal.

“Ultimately, these things will change as people at large will stop voting for criminals,” said Khan.

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