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Bollywood Celebs: Politics? Not my cup of tea!

Mumbai, March 11 -- Even as the Lok Sabha elections are nearing, and political parties are trying to rope in Bollywood glamour to lure voters, not all stars are game for it.

A bevy of top Bollywood stars have recently come on record to make it loud and clear once and for all that they won't be part of the great Indian political tamasha (spectacle), rumours notwithstanding.    

For instance, Aamir Khan, otherwise known for his social activism, has once again made it clear that he won't be associated with politics. Aamir said, "People enter politics because they want to serve the country and serve the people. There are many other ways of doing it."

Anil Kapoor has also lammed reports of him contesting the elections. Then, there's Madhuri Dixit-Nene who doesn't even want to share her political views. She says, "Polling is secret ...let my views also remain a secret." In the past, actors Govinda and Amitabh Bachchan called it quits after joining the bandwagon.

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