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Azad's 'all access' pass!

Aamir Khan


Mumbai, Dec. 4 -- Aamir Khan's three year-old son, Azad Rao Khan, seems to be the only person outside the actor's film crew to be privy to inside news about the Bollywood star's upcoming release.

Since Aamir has been babysitting Azad, the toddler has been accompanying his star father to the dubbing sessions for director Rajkumar Hirani's forthcoming venture. As a result, Azad has, by default, had access to footage that no outsider has had a chance to see so far. An insider reveals, "Aamir always screens his films for his mother first. But this time around, it seems like Azad is the lucky one to watch it before her. He also keeps talking to everyone about his dad."

The source further reveals that every time Azad watches his father on the screen in the sound studio, he gets thoroughly excited.

Incidentally, the last time Azad watched his father's film - Dhoom:3 - he was scared by some of the action sequences and surround sound in the theatre, and therefore, had to leave the screening midway.

Although Aamir remained unavailable for a comment, his spokesperson confirmed the news.