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Aamir's sis, ex-wife come together..

Aamir Khan


Mumbai, Nov. 13 -- Aamir Khan's ex-wife Reena Datta and his sister, Farhat Datta, are set to showcase their artistic side by exhibiting their paintings in an art show, along with two other artists - Lotika Talwar and Laxmi Honavar.

The exhibition will be on from November 20 to 23 at a gallery in Bandra. An insider says, "Reena is still very close to the Khans, and they're all great friends. Reena and Farhat, too, are on good terms and bond over their common passion for art. This is the first time they are coming together for something like this."

The insider adds that there is a lot of excitement in the family regarding the exhibition, and personal invites have been sent out to friends and family to attend the event. "The preparations are in full swing, and everyone is excited. Everyone is also very supportive of the two ladies. Naturally, the Khans will be attending the do as it involves two close members of their family," says the insider.

When contacted, Reena confirms the news, saying, "We are showcasing contemporary and traditional works with a mix of styles and mediums that will appeal to varied tastes. There will be paintings that depict watercolour, charcoal, rich hues of acrylics and intricate lines in pen and ink."