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Aamir: Salman's stardom has no logic!

Aamir Khan

Mumbai, Dec. 27 -- Even as his lessthan-cordial relations with one Khan keeps making news, Salman finds a friend in another Khan - Aamir. As Salman turns 48 today (December 27), Aamir talks about their equation and, why, back in 1994, when they worked together, he thought he'd never work with him again.

He also gives us a glimpse into Salman's inimitable working style with an instance from the past.    

You two worked together in Andaz Apna Apna (1994). What    was Salman like in those days?    

If you're asking me about my memory of working with Salman, it was bad. I didn't enjoy working with him. He used to come late, would never remember his dialogue. He wasn't interested in work. He gave us a hard time. After the film, I was like, 'I can never work with him again.' I thought 'Salaam dua karenge', I'll be polite with him and all, but I'll never be friends with him.    

What's your equation with Salman now?    

I was going through my divorce with Reena (Dutta; first wife) when Salman and I connected... Now, (I am) very fond of him. He works in his own style and I find that charming. His stardom has no logic to it... If I compare my stardom with his, he is a much bigger star than me and I have no ranjish (malice) in saying that because I feel he's getting what he deserves.    

When you say Salman has his own working style, what do you exactly mean?    

Let me tell you a story about Salman that Anil Kapoor told me once. For No Entry (2005), he went to Salman and said, 'There are three characters, you read the script and select whichever character you want to do.' Salman said, 'Don't make me listen to the script, I will do the film since it's your film.' So Anil asked, 'But which role would you do?' Salman said, 'One that requires the least amount of work, has the least date requirement, give me that role.' (laughs)    

As a contemporary actor and friend, do you find that approach to work strange?    

See, Salman operates on some other level. And I find that fascinating. Coming to the No Entry story, Anil was saying he was aghast to hear what he was saying, and wasn't sure if he was serious. So Salman got the role which required the least number of days, but later, it became the most popular part.