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Aamir Khan: Wrestle mania!

Aamir Khan


Mumbai, June 18 -- Aamir Khan, who has gained a substantial amount of weight for the role of a wrestler in his next, has found a new way of understanding the nuances of his character.

Recently, while surfing television channels late at night, the actor stumbled upon a desi-style wrestling match on Doordarshan, and has been watching them often ever since. A source says, "Aamir has been having sleepless nights. Recently, he was surfing channels on the TV at 4am, and came across some local wrestling matches. He ended up watching them for an hour. He was very excited, and researched about the show, which airs daily at 4am."

Apparently, the actor has been setting an alarm every day, so that he can catch the broadcast. Through the show, the actor has been observing a wrestler's body language, and also how to tackle a match.

While Aamir was unavailable for a comment, his spokesperson confirms the news, saying, "Aamir gets completely involved in whatever roles he takes up. For him, time does not matter. He has been watching these matches for sometime now."