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Aamir Khan Enjoys Litti Chokha joint in Patna!

Aamir Khan

By Bollywood.com News Network

In the beginning of the last year, Aamir Khan had visited Patna and made a special visit to a road side Litti Chokha joint.

This place is well known for its tasty food. When Aamir Khan visited the place the vendor was very happy and obliged to serve him. Immediately after that the name of the place was changed to Aamir’s Litti Chokha and there was a hike in the price.

For the promotion of his upcoming release PK, Aamir Khan again made a visit to Patna. The actor made it a point to visit the Litti Chokha stall. The shop keeper was so happy that he himself fed Aamir Khan.

Like always, Aamir enjoyed every bite of the tasty treat he had.