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Aamir Khan: All in the family!

Aamir Khan

Mumbai, Jan. 18 -- Way back in 1993, he penned the screenplay of Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke. Ever since, Aamir Khan hasn't tried his hand at writing stories or screenplays.

But a couple of years back, the superstar had revealed that he was writing a new script along with his wife Kiran Rao and cousins Mansoor and Nuzhat Khan. But the script is yet to see the light of day.    

Interestingly, when we asked Aamir about it, he admits that "there's a script we're working on". At the same time, he admits that it's too early to discuss details. "It's in very initial stages and since I've been busy with Dhoom:3 (2013) and P.K., I've not had that kind of time (to focus on it). Now that Dhoom:3 has released and P.K. is almost over, I will look into that now," he says.    

Although the said script hasn't yet been completed, Aamir insists that he "had only kept it on the backburner." He adds, "It's an idea which I have that we're planning to develop into a script for AKP (Aamir Khan Productions). So let's see how that goes," says the actor, who has directed the National Award-winning Taare Zameen Par (2007) in the past. A few days ago, Aamir told us that Kiran too is "working on a script, and it's in the initial stage". He had said, "I will definitely produce it if I like it. If I don't like something, I can't do it. But either way, I'll support her. As her partner, I'll support her in anything she wants to do. And if it's something that I can act in, I'll be really happy as she's a fine director and working with her has been one of my best experiences."