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Aamir gets new neighbours!

Aamir Khan


Mumbai, May 27 -- For a couple of decades, Aamir Khan and Jackie Shroff have been co-stars as well as good friends.

Now, we've learned that they are neighbours too. Jackie has recently rented a ninth-floor flat in the same building where Aamir occupies the top two floors.    

Earlier, the buzz was that Jackie had bought the apartment. However, a source tells us that currently, flats in the building are available only for rent and are not on sale. The actor confirms the news, saying, "Yes, we have leased out the place and are already living here."    

Ask him if he made the move on Aamir's advice, and Jackie says, "I had come to his house for a party and I really loved the building. The place has a great vibe."    

Apart from Jackie, Aamir also shares a good rapport with his son, Tiger, who will now have the opportunity to spend more time with the veteran actor. Aamir has already taken him under his wing and even attended the trailer launch as well as success party of Tiger's just-released debut film. The source says that Aamir was excited to have one of his old friends live so close to him, and he was among the first few people to find out about the move.