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Is Karma catching up with Rupert Murdoch?

By Varshneys, Owners, Bollywood.com/Bollywood.net

There's a golden rule in media, and life: Truth always wins. 
But Rupert Murdoch, Chairman of 21st Century Fox uses hate, threats, abuse, lies, his media assets, and lastly vast technologies to get what he wants. Manipulate countries.
Mr. Rupert Murdoch has no respect for powerless people if they own assets he wants.
In this current case, full and complete ownership of Sky TV, UK. Fox owns 39% of Sky but wants full control of the satellite broadcaster.
However, you can't abuse, lie, manipulate, and threaten everyone you come across, and expect Karma not to hit back at you. Yes, Karma is a bitch.
U.K. culture secretary Karen Bradley said Tuesday that she intends to order an extensive review of 21st Century Fox's $15 billion planned takeover of Sky TV because of concerns over "genuine commitment to broadcasting standards" and the increased influence it would give the Murdoch family over British media.
Bradley said she was prepared to refer the merger for an additional six month review over that issue.
Correspondence between Bradley and Ofcom, UK revealed that the minister raised concerns about both a string of sexual harassment allegations at Fox News, and claims that the broadcaster colluded with the White House on a discredited story that the murdered Democrat aide Seth Rich was the source of leaked emails.
Shares in Sky closed down almost 2% after Bradley’s announcement as concerns increased among investors about delays to the takeover and whether it would go ahead. There will be a 10-day consultation before Bradley makes her final decision. During this time, Sky and the Murdochs can make submissions to the government.
Edit Sept 14th, 2017: The deal is now to be examined "on media plurality and genuine commitment to broadcasting standards grounds". U.K. culture secretary Karen Bradley said that further review of 21st Century Fox's governance was warranted, as well as the procedures the company had in place for ensuring its broadcast of Fox News in the U.K. complied with broadcasting standards.
The UK's Competition and Markets Authority will provide its response within 24 weeks of the referral.