Celebrating Easter with Genelia Dsouza


By Satish Sundaresan, Bollywood Hungama News Network

The auspicious Easter Day has great significance globally. To find out how Bollywood celebrates this auspicious day, we at Bollywood Hungama spoke to God's very own angel Genelia Dsouza, to know what Easter means to her and her plans to celebrate the day. Not just that, we also managed to get the recipe of her favourite Easter dish 'Marzipan.'

Speaking of the festival, Genelia says, "Easter, for me and my family, is an absolute feast of the highest order. It's generally the lunch that holds the spotlight on this day. After having fasted for forty days (without eating any non-vegetarian food), we feast on this day. Being Catholics, we have lots of salad on this day. Not just that, since bread holds huge significance, we have oodles of different types of bread, thus making Easter a very special day."

And when asked about her plans to celebrate Easter, the Jaane Tu... girl was quick enough to say, "Every Easter for us is very special and a very private affair and it consists of my family and friends. I term every Easter as a new beginning."

Lastly, the 'icing' on the cake, came in the form of her recipe for 'Marzipan', though she was candid enough to confess that, it's not her, but her Mom who makes the Marzipans (which according to her are the best in the world)!

So, feast your taste-buds with the world-class Marzipans, courtesy: Genelia Dsouza!

She says, "The basic ingredients that are required to make Marzipan are 1-2 cups of granulated sugar, 1/8 tsp cream, 3-4 cups of ground almonds, and 2 egg whites and not to forget the powdered sugar for sprinkling over. The preparation time will take approximately 10 minutes. To start with, place the sugar alongwith 2-3 cups of water in a large heavy saucepan and heat gently, stirring, until the sugar dissolves. To this, now, add the cream and heat it for a while and then, cool it. Then cover it, for say 2-3 minutes. Then, boil the said mixture till it becomes soft.

Now, take this pan and cool its bottom in cold water, while you are simultaneously stirring the sugar mixture constantly until it becomes thick and creamy. Now add to it the egg whites and the fine almonds and stir it over a mild flame for almost 3 minutes till the time the mixture becomes thick and cool the same. Lastly, roll the same over the fine sugar and knead the 'Marzipan' till it becomes smooth."

After this, its FEAST time folks! Happy Easter guys!

Happy Easter to you too, Genelia!