Saif Ali Khan: 'All well, never been better'


Actor Saif Ali Khan is livid over recent reports that Kareena Kapoor and he are on the verge of a split due to her round-the-clock shooting schedule that has left him feeling 'neglected.' "Why would I feel neglected? I have my parents and children here with me. Kareena was in London a couple of weeks ago and is expected to join me soon," retorts the star-producer, who is neck-deep in filming his next home production, Cocktail, adding with a chuckle, "Work is so hectic that there's no time to feel neglected." Read On..

Corporates changed moviemaking in India: Subhash Ghai


Corporates have changed the economics of moviemaking, says veteran filmmaker Subhash Ghai who has been making films for 35 years. He believes star fees as well as the cost of production has gone up, making most filmmakers run into losses.

Dancing-fighting entertain, so why be 'thinking actor': Madhavan


A chocolate-faced hero who has achieved cult status down south as well as immense popularity in Bollywood, R. Madhavan is against the term "thinking actor". He believes it is simply used for those who can't do song-dance and fighting sequences.

Interview: SRK hides his wrinkles in plastic for RA.One


Throughout his career, he has been the larger than life hero who romanced his way to the hearts of millions. So becoming a superhero was the natural progression for King Khan who's already one for most of his fans.

Asin is my dream girl: Salman Khan


Salman Khan never fails to entice you with his wittiness and presence of mind. After giving the biggest blockbuster of 2010, the Dabangg Khan is back to entertain the audience with Ready, also starring Asin Thottumkal.

I'll go to Cannes every year now: Minissha Lamba


The 16 hours of detention at the Mumbai airport for allegedly carrying undeclared jewellery were harrowing but actress Minissha Lamba says the authorities were "very, very, friendly" and the time was spent chatting about various things, including her experience at Cannes.

Interesting roles dried up, they're coming now: Deepti Naval


She has lived a creative life every step of the way. Painting, photography and storytelling have kept Deepti Naval busy after good acting offers dried up. But Bollywood's original girl next door, now 54, is feeling the pull of the big screen again as the right roles arrive.

Before 'Aarakshan' I was against reservations: Saif


Saif Ali Khan found his role of a Dalit in "Aarakshan" most challenging because it didn't come naturally to him and admits that the film has changed his perspective about reservation policies and he now feels they should exist.

I want to bring heroes back on screen: Salman Khan


The hero battling insurmountable odds - it's a theme that has almost faded from Hindi films, but one man wants to bring it back. Read On..

Social networking gives me real feedback: Priyanka Chopra


With over a million followers on Twitter, and over two million on Facebook, Bollywood's social-networking queen Priyanka Chopra says she feels loved and that these platforms not just bring her a step closer to her fans, but also helps her in getting direct feedback.