I'll share income with Bollywood workers: Salman Khan


Bollywood star Salman Khan, also known as the Hindi film industry's enfant terrible, says he wants to help workers in filmdom by sharing his income and also work for the underprivileged in society.

Ranbir on Casual relationships


Most of media coverage, if you haven't noticed already, focuses on Ranbir Kapoor being a womaniser, rather than the films he's working on. Ranbir himself has evidently noticed this.

Actresses end up playing wives and girlfriends: Lara Dutta


Hindi film heroines still get little chance to take on the burden of a film and end up playing wife, girlfriend or love interest, says actor-producer Lara Dutta, explaining that the name of her production company Bhigi Basanti is a tongue-in-cheek take on how they are viewed in Bollywood.

There’s a real Ragini: Ekta Kapoor


Filmmaker Ekta Kapoor has shed a lot of things. Including her obsession with the letter K and loads of weight. What she hasn’t lost, however is her undying faith in astrology. “I have too much faith in astrologers. My so called superstitions are even helping me shed the extra kilos,” quipped the Balaji Telefims honcho on a visit to the HT City office on Thursday.

Two films can't bring change, 20 can: Rahul Bose


Actor Rahul Bose, known for his meaningful cinema as well as social activism, believes a handful of films cannot bring change in society. For that, there should a collective effort by filmmakers and government bodies to educate the masses.

We've crossed the stage of insecurity: Juhi Chawla


She competed with other "really pretty" girls for the best roles, songs and the maximum box office hits in her prime, but 43-year-old Juhi Chawla says she has long crossed the stage of insecurity and is not in the rat race.

In Bollywood, many talented filmmakers get wasted: Anurag Kashyap


There is no dearth of talented directors in Bollywood but they get wasted because producers are busy chasing established names, says filmmaker Anurag Kashyap who had struggled a lot to release his first film "Black Friday".

Ready to carry on fight for cause: Anupam Kher


Anupam Kher is jubilant that Anna Hazare won his fight to bring the government around to his views on stringent anti-graft legislation.

Just take gossips with pinch of salt: Preeti's mantra


Her first film is yet to hit the screens, but Preeti Desai is making news owing to her alleged affair with Bollywood actor Abhay Deol. Now the model-turned-actress has found a perfect mantra to deal with it -- take it with a pinch of salt.

Preity Zinta: 'Kings are going to rock it'


The fourth season of the Indian Premier League that began yesterday starts a new chapter for the star-franchise owner of Kings XI Punjab. Preity Zinta, who moved court to ensure that her team wasn't expelled from the T20 League, is now trying to figure out her dates so she can attend all her team's matches, starting this Sunday.