Mayank Shekhar's review: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan


Katrina Kaif plays the said "rock chick". It’s hard to tell if her character’s restlessly rebellious, or plainly retarded. There's a thin line between the two, something that relatively similar, far more enjoyable, recent romantic comedies have managed to balance out incredibly well, writes Mayank Shekhar.

'Mummy Punjabi' - a condensed soap opera (Movie Review)


Today there are more soaps on television then the real soaps in people's homes. Hence, when going to watch films, audiences expect more than a melodramatic, disappointing and condensed soap opera, which is exactly what "Mummy Punjabi" is.

Movie Review: Bol


Shoaib Mansoor is one of the brightest names to come out of Pakistan. A few years ago, his film KHUDA KAY LIYE, which tackled the theme of terrorism, won wide acclaim and praise. The supremely talented storyteller is back with another bold and hard-hitting effort called BOL. Read On..

'Bodyguard' - delivers the goods (Movie Review)


For three years now, every Eid, a Salman Khan movie has become one of the rewards of the festival. Whereas last year we had "Dabangg", which despite its simplicity had layers into it, this year we are treated to "The Bodyguard" which isn't a patch on "Dabangg". Despite this, it has enough to hold the attention of festive audiences.

Mayank Shekhar's review: Standby


“You were a footballer. How could you embezzle Rs 20 lakh from a bank?” asks the TV reporter. Seriously. How? The fellow being questioned is rightly flummoxed. So should the viewer. Read On..

Mayank Shekhar's review: Shabri


Unlike popular insinuation, this is not a movie based on a female Mafiosi. Instead, it follows Shabri (Isha), the slum woman, on the run. Read On..

'Sahi Dhande Ghalat Bande', an honest effort by Parvin Dabas


Ekdum sahi hai, boss! As Anna Hazare shifts from Tihar to Ramlila Maidan, our cinema has made a far more gradual movement from the 'arty-unintelligible' grammar of Mani Kaul to the 'arty-accessible' language of Parvin Dabas' film.

Mayank Shekhar's review: Not a Love Story


Not A Love Story is the first film from the director, since Sarkar Raj (2008), which comes with a script. Or at least an appealing story line. Mayank Shekhar writes.

Mayank Shekhar's Review: Aarakshan


Young Sushant Seth (Prateik Babbar, looking perpetually dumbfounded) is a rich kid who’s just graduated from a college that his father is a trustee of. The boy wants to get into Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia’s popular mass communications programme. He’s opted for a career in the media. It’s a tough course to get into. Read On..

Mayank Shekhar's review: Office Office


Being common in Third World is some sort of a crime all right. Especially, in a congenitally corrupt nation that daydreams of becoming developed some day. First World, by definition, is determined by how the last man standing gets treated in his own country. Shining India is furthest from it. You can tell. This film is valid commentary of that state. Read On..