Cannes 2013: face of the jury



As both stars and movie goers wait for the much celebrated annual Cannes Film Festival, let's get to know the final decision makers -- The Cannes 2013 jury. Patrons of international cinema for years come together to form this cross-cultural mix every year at the Cannes. The list
of jurors for Cannes 2013 in the four categories - Feature Films, Cinéfondation and Short Films, Un Certain Regard and Golden Camera – follows here.

Feature Films
Steven Spielberg of the E.T. and Jurassic Park fame will preside over the 2013 Feature Films jury in order to arrive at a consensus over other judges’ opinions.

Spielberg will be accompanied by eight other judges in order to arrive at fair, well-rounded decisions devoid of cross-cultural misjudgments.

Nicole Kidman, Ang Lee, Lynne Ramsay, Christoph Waltz, Cristian Mungiu, Naomi Kawase, Daniel Auteuil and our very own Bollywood star Vidya Balan will accompany and aid Spielberg in this laborious process of decision-making.

Cinéfondation and Short Films
Jane Campion will head the jury which will decide fate of Short Films at Cannes this year. New Zealand director, producer and screenwriter Jane Campion is one of contemporary cinema’s most notable film-makers.

She is the first and only female director to receive the coveted Palme d’Or at Cannes (1993) and also only the second of four women ever to be nominated as Best Director at the Academy Awards (1994), both for The Piano.

What beats one leading lady of Indian cinema participating as a judge at the Cannes, is two of them doing so. Nandita Das will return as a judge for the short film category after her 2005 stint as a judge for Cannes.

She is accompanied by Italian actress Nicoletta Brachi and directors Maji-da Abdi (Ethiopian) and Semih Kaplanoglu (Turkish).

Un Certain Regard
Danish director Thomas Vinterberg heads the jury for this leg. His graduation film Last Round was nominated for a student Oscar.

Other members ofthe jury are actresses Zhang Ziyi and Ludivine Sagnier along with Enrique Gonzales Macho, Producer, Distributor and Ilda Santiago, Rio’s Festival Director.

Golden Camera
Agnès Varda is the president for this clique. In 1954, she created a film company CINE-TAMARIS for La Pointe Courte (also first feature of Philippe Noiret). It gave her the title of "Grand Mother of the French New Wave".

Other jury members are - Michel Abramowicz (photographer), Gwénolé Bruneau, Isabel Coixet (director), Eric Guirado (director), Chloé Rolland (French Union Critics) and Régis Wargnier (director).