Calling Gulshan Grover's bluff!


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, March 18 -- Bad luck for the bad boy of Bollywood. Even as Gulshan Grover blows the trumpet about being part of Hollywood actor-director's Bill Duke's forthcoming flick, The Driver, the movie will not star hottie Salma Hayek as he had claimed, says the latter's spokesperson.

Grover, 55, had said that the movie, to be shot in Los Angeles and India, will have at least 10 Hollywood names, including the 44-year-old Desperado beauty. But, Hayek's representatives say she isn't associated with the movie. "Salma is not acting in a film called The Driver," says Salma's manager Evelyn O'Neill. She adds: "I don't know where this rumour originated from, but I'd appreciate you correcting it." The superstar's publicist Cari Ross insists that news about her acting in a film by that name "is not true" at all.

Grover, on his part, feigns ignorance about the denial by Hayek's representatives. He says: "As far as I know, The Driver is happening with her. I have been told exactly that. Generally, a film goes through various stages of planning and so, strategies, too, undergo changes. I think we should leave it at that point."

When asked if he has met Salma regarding the film, he skips the query with a laugh. At last year's International Film Festival in Goa, Grover had said, "my friends want to kill me." He added: "They are very jealous that I am working with Salma."