Busy Raj Kundra reserves time for Shilpa, baby


By Hindustan Times

Actress Shilpa Shetty is due to give birth next month and is going to be in for some much-needed pampering. Her businessman husband Raj Kundra is taking a long break from work to be by her side before, during and after her delivery. This despite the fact that his hands are full with
projects. He co-owns Indian Premier League (IPL) team Rajasthan Royals and the matches are currently on. He has also collaborated with Sanjay Dutt on a martial arts championship called the Super Fight League.

But that hasn't taken him away from a sabbatical.

"My wife's expecting now and this is the most important phase of my life and I don't want to be very busy. So I have decided I am not going to go on anymore cricket matches and watch it at home together with Shilpa," Kundra told IANS.

"Once she delivers, I want to spend another month at home for my baby before I get back into business," he added.

A visibly excited Kundra says he is looking forward to the new addition in the family and has started preparing for fatherhood.

"Lots of preparations are going on. I am nervous, but I am ready and excited. Everytime she (Shilpa) has a doctor's appointment, we go together, scans get done and we see this little baby moving," he said.

He is not bothered about the child's sex.

"We don't know if it's a boy or a girl, but whosover it is, we are looking forward to it," added Kundra, who married Shilpa in 2009.