Business Talk With Taran Adarsh


By Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama News Network

HARI PUTTAR is no HARRY POTTER. And no HOME ALONE either. In terms of content. Also box-office numbers. Frankly, no one expected miracles, but you didn't expect the movie to be so bad either. 10-15 minutes into the film and it didn't take a Nostradamus to predict its fate.

The question is, had this kiddie flick opened during holidays [summer vacations, Idd, Diwali, Christmas], would its fate be different? I doubt! Perhaps, marginally better. HARI PUTTAR stands on a weak foundation and holiday or no holiday, it was bound to crash.

You can't fool the audiences anymore. The decision to watch or skip a film is taken much before any film is released. The Friday numbers, therefore, reflect how garam or naram the film is amongst the paying public.

Expectedly, HARI PUTTAR had a tepid start all over. In fact, the business easily ranks amongst the lowest this year. Will it improve in the festive week? After all, it's a 4-day weekend. With KIDNAP and DRONA arriving this Thursday, there's a strong possibility that a weakling like HARI PUTTAR might not even get playing time at most plexes.

Final verdict? Add yet another name [HARI PUTTAR] to the long list of 'also ran' products of 2008.

RAFOO CHAKKAR met with an equally disastrous fate. After watching a private screening of the film, I was sure no amount of promotion could salvage this misadventure from sinking. Released in 1 or 2 shows across the plexes, the fate was crystal clear on Day 1 itself. Do I need to elaborate more?

Should we expect a windfall this Thursday onwards? The expectations are huge and let's hope that the plexes record maximum footfalls over this 4-day weekend. Amen!

Box Office Results

  1. Badlapur INR 24 cr.
  2. Roy INR 41.7 cr.
  3. Shamitabh INR 21.94 cr.
  4. Hawaizaada INR 3.4 cr.
  5. Baby INR 92 cr.

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