Britney Spears: 'I love Bollywood'


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, July 28 -- Britney Spears has just struck a chord with Sonu Nigam, quite literally, and next on the American pop star's wishlist is Bollywood.

"I have always loved Bollywood and have been into that dance culture for a long time. I have done a couple of Bollywood inspired numbers in my shows and worn some of the most glam desi outfits on tour ... I love that Indian films incorporate so much music. I'd give it a shot!" says the 29-year-old singer, who collaborated with Nigam and Desi Hits to come up with an Indian remix of her latest single, I Wanna Go.

"I worked with an Indian choreographer who taught me some of the intricate hand movements and hip shakes on both (her songs) Circus and Femme Fatale," she adds, hoping to come to India soon and rubbishing rumours that she did, back in 2009 too. "It was 100% a rumour. But, I'm sure to come one day and when I do, we're gonna do it big!"

The word 'choreographer' rings a bell, reminding us of the speculation around an affair between her and Sandiip Soparrkar, which later turned out to be false. "I'm kind of used to it and I don't let this nonsense get to me, but I'm glad that the Indian media (HT City) is checking its facts out," she says.

Apart from the dhols and desi tunes, another Indian offering that clicks with her is the food. "I travel to London a lot, and I think they have great Indian food there. I like the chicken tikka - I know it's popular, but there is a reason why!"