Bringing Lee Strasberg to India!


By Taran Adarsh Bollywood Hungama News Network

The famed Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute has arrived in India and the people responsible for taking this giant step are Rahuul Rawail and Ahmed Ahsan. With so many institutes in India, what actually prompted Rawail to tie up with the reputed brand in the first place?

"A lot of people I know, including Ranbir Kapoor, went to the U.S. to get trained in acting at Lee Strasberg. Besides getting the visa and admission in the institute, you need to be financially sound to realize your dreams. I was discussing this with Ahmed and that triggered off everything. Ahmed got in touch with them [Strasberg], one thing led to another and we shook hands within a very short period," Rawail reveals.

To start with, Lee Strasberg will start operating in Mumbai and Hyderabad in its first phase. Mumbai also happens to be the place where Bollywood is based. Hyderabad, because Rawail and Ahmed want to tap the South film industry. "There's enormous talent out there that needs to be tapped. Also, the South industry is equally huge, so why not?" Rawail adds.

Does it mean that Rawail will concentrate on the institute and if yes, what happens to his first love - making movies? "Right now, I am focusing my energies on the institute, but will direct a movie once things are on track," the veteran states.