Brand wars for Ekta's Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai sequel!

By Hindustan Times

It may be one of the most-awaited sequels in Bollywood, but even before Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2 (OUATIM) hits the floors, a slew of upmarket brands — around 18 of them — have approached producer Ekta Kapoor for exclusive tie-ups. But Ekta is clear she won’t be able to fit in all the offers in the sequel to her 2010 hit.

“We are surprised with the brands’ interest in the film, despite it being a male-centric film set in the 70s. Out of all, fashion brands comprises a big number, though half of them are male-centric products such as cologne, cars and bikes,” says Ekta. “It’s parallel to any Khan (Aamir, Shah Rukh, Salman) films. As per industry research, it has never happened to a Balaji or any other film. Such att