Boys and their toys!


Mumbai, June 8 -- The superstars of Bollywood have one thing in common - a shared love for the glitziest wheels. Be it John Abraham, Shahid Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor or Imran Khan, the boys surely enjoy taking their supercars out for a ride late at night.

We reckon that most boys are emotionally attached to their cars, and the same is true for the stars. So while Imran Khan says going on a drive acts as a "stress-buster", for John Abraham it is a way to spend alone time in an otherwise cramped city where they would be recognised at every red light.

With more and more luxurious and advanced cars in the market every season, the Bollywood have more and more to choose from. And they usually go for the very best. Read on to find out.

SHAHID KAPOOR "Like most boys, I love cars," says Shahid Kapoor, who often after the wrap up of his schedule, preps himself for a long drive in the city. And needless to sa