Bollywood's Eid plans


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, Sept. 10 -- Bollywood stars tell us what they'll be doing on the festival, and wish their fans Eid Mubarak. I wish I was doing something great since Eid is very special to me. Unfortunately, I am shooting in Kolkata for a show. But, I wish all my fans Eid Mubarak

Raima Sen, actor Some of my most memorable and fun memories are attached to Eid. Eidi milne ka maza alag hi hota hai

Shahid Kapoor, actor Traditionally, Eid is always a family affair. My brother has come home for Eid, but I won't get to see him as I am in Delhi for an event... I'll definitely miss the sheerkorma

Rakshanda Khan,actor I will be having a family get-together at home. My childhood friend is having her store opening on the same day, so I will go and spend some time with her as well

Zarine Khan, actor I will spend the day with my family. We have planned a big lunch, complete with kheer. We'll dress traditionally for the celebration. I will also give a generous Eidi to the kids Zayed Khan, actor.