'Bollywood today filled with jhingas, girgits'


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, March. 6 -- Comic legend Mehmood's son Mansoor has just released an album titled Sabrina named after his daughter. The 44-year-old who now stays in Bangalore, ran an estate agency business in New York for 15 years and has taken to professional singing recently.

"I got into singing because some of my father's genes trickled down into me. I was always a bathroom singer. But I'm not trained at all and never want to be trained too." Mansoor's brother, Lucky Ali, is also a singer and is well-known in the music world. "The reason my brother Lucky and I are into singing is because my father was an amazing composer and singer. He wrote 99 per cent of the songs for the movies he made, but gave the credit to music directors he used, so that they could make a name for themselves and earn a living," claims Mansoor.

Does this mean Mansoor could also do playback singing in films? "I never considered playback singing. Except for two of my brothers, Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan, there's no one in this Hindi film industry who matters. The rest of your socalled Bollywood today is just filled with a bunch of jhingas, girgits, broiler murgh pehlwaan and Sheikh Chilli Billis. And it would kill me to see any of them hopping around like jerks pretending to be my voice. I will never ever let that happen, even if I starve to death," he says proudly.

And what about acting? Mansoor says, "I have no acting aspirations whatsoever because I can never be fake and phony. My dad was never an actor. He was a naturalist, a cut above all these so-called actors. I've never been offered Bollywood roles and don't want anyone to either. They would just be wasting their time and mine," he adds.